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Research is a powerful tool in preventing child abuse and neglect. The aim of our research is to improve the health and well-being of children and families across the country.

Research informs all the work we do at Prevent Child Abuse America. Our team of experts work across all departments to ensure that our prevention strategies are guided by the best available data and evidence. They also translate research findings for practice and policy audiences, elevating lessons learned from the field and advancing knowledge of what works, and support our network of state chapters through grants to study innovation in child abuse prevention.

Additionally, our research team leads projects that enhance our signature home visiting program, Healthy Families America (HFA). Currently, they are working to strengthen organizational capacity to collect, analyze, and drive continuous quality improvement across the HFA model.

Grant Projects

PCA America’s research and programmatic grant and sponsored project portfolio help sustain the strategic efforts of the organization to prevent child abuse and neglect. Here are the research department’s current grant/sponsored projects. Click on the project pages to find out more!

Social Norms 101

In this research review, Dr. Bart Klika, our Chief Research & Strategy Officer, introduces the concept of social norms and the social ecological model.

Selected Research

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Our Team of Research Experts

Dr. Bart Klika

Chief Research Officer

Karen Guskin

Managing Director of Healthy Families America Research

Kathryn Harding

Senior Director of Research

Catherine Murphy

Research Manager

Jade Angulo

HFA Data Innovations Specialist

Andy Berkhout

Senior Manager, Data Innovations

Eric Thibodeau

Research Scientist

Jennifer Baxter

HFA Quality Improvement Data Specialist

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