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You can influence public policy. Advocacy happens in many different ways, but at its core advocacy is about raising awareness, building and leveraging relationships, and educating others around the issues and policies that matter to you.

Child Abuse Prevention Month Digital Advocacy Day 2024

Join us in participating in Prevent Child Abuse America’s nationwide Digital Advocacy Day on April 16th to raise our collective voice together. With this easy-to-use platform, you can be an advocate today and email, tweet, or call your member of Congress in less than 2 minutes and show your support for all families.

Protect CBCAP Appropriations

Reach out to your member of Congress today for their support in investing in children and families through Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention grants.

Support the Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences Act

Reach out today to your members of Congress to request their support of the PACEs Act which will expand our knowledge of trauma and ACEs to better inform prevention efforts.

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Support the Child Tax Credit

Encourage your member of Congress to support the American Family Act and bring back the enhanced Child Tax Credit.

Support the Child Care Stabilization Act

Join us in reaching out to your member of Congress to support the Childcare Stabilization Act for a brighter, healthier future for our children.

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