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Increases in Bullying? How Schools and Parents can Make a Difference

In the days following the presidential election, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of bullying related incidents within schools across the country. Physical fighting, taunting chants of and threats of religious and race-based violence have been reported, making children afraid to go to school.  Sadly, we know these behaviors have adverse effects on mental and physical health, as well as child development. Negative consequences include lowered self-esteem, behavioral issues, poor academic performance, and a heightened risk for psychological and stress-related diseases.

Whether you are an administrator, teacher or parent, there are steps you can take to support our nations’ children and help them achieve their full potential. Remember, the presence of a caring, engaged, and responsible adult can dramatically reduce the impact bullying behavior can have on youth.

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Recognizing Chartwells K12 for Commitment to Raising Awareness of Peer-to-Peer Bullying in Schools

Last week, we were proud to award Chartwells K12, a leading partner to K-12 school districts across the country, with the 2016 Corporate Responsibility Award. Chartwells K12 was selected for its innovative efforts to stop bullying where it commonly takes place – in the lunchroom – by training thousands of school teams with the information and tools they need to spot and stop bullying, as well as for its efforts to raise awareness around cyberbullying.


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Keep Your Baby Safe Asleep: AAP Guidelines to Prevent SIDS

Yesterday, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released new guidelines to prevent sudden infant death syndrome and other problems associated with infant sleep. According to the AAP, approximately 3500 infants die from SIDS and other sleep-related issues every year. Fortunately, just a few, simple steps can drastically reduce this risk and ensure your baby is sleeping safe and sound.

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Who we are

Prevent Child Abuse America is the national champion of great childhoods for all children. Founded in 1972 in Chicago, Prevent Child Abuse America works to promote the healthy development of children and prevent child abuse before it can occur in order to help children to grow up and contribute in their communities. Our 50 state Chapter Network works every day to promote the kind of strategies and activities that make a difference locally as well as nationally.

We help nearly 100,000 families a year through our Healthy Families America program and put 92 cents of every dollar raised towards programs that help children and families thrive.

Our Programs

We accomplish our work through our signature prevention program Healthy Families America and spread awareness of child abuse prevention through our Pinwheels for Prevention campaign.

Pinwheels for Prevention began as a grassroots campaign among our chapters in Georgia, Florida and Ohio.

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Healthy Families America

We help nearly 100,000 families a year through our Healthy Families America program.

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