Great childhoods begin at home

We all play a role in the healthy development of our nation’s children.

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Parenting Tip of the Week – Doing Random Acts of Kindness

All across the country, people are being random. Whether it’s a choosing to pay for the breakfast of the person in line behind them, helping a neighbor with some outdoor chores, or simply sitting down and talking to someone who seems lonely, a random act of kindness can go a long way. #RAKWeek2017 teaches us that we all have the ability to do something small to make our community a better place, and you can teach this message to your children simply by participating.

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A Call to End Corporal Punishment in Schools

Recently, the topic of corporal punishment in schools has come up again. This time, the topic has bubbled up thanks to a letter sent on November 22 by U.S. Education Secretary John B. King Jr.. In his letter, Secretary King urged state officials to end the use of corporal punishment, like spanking, in schools. While King’s letter may be recent, this discussion is not. Almost 15 years ago, our Board of Directors adopted a resolution calling for the banning of corporal punishment in schools. Today, as research continues to confirm the harmful effects of corporal punishment, we are reaffirming our stance.

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Prevent Child Abuse America given highest-possible ranking by watchdog Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator, one of the foremost non-profit watchdog organizations in the U.S., has rated Prevent Child Abuse America as a 4-Star charity. The 4-star rating is the highest award given by Charity Navigator and has been awarded to Prevent Child Abuse America for three consecutive years. According to Michael Thatcher, President and CEO of Charity Navigator, “only 15% of the charities” that Charity Navigator evaluates receive three consecutive 4-star evaluations.

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Who we are

Prevent Child Abuse America® is the national champion of great childhoods for all children. Founded in 1972 in Chicago, Prevent Child Abuse America works to promote the healthy development of children and prevent child abuse before it can occur in order to help children to grow up and contribute in their communities. Our 50 state Chapter Network works every day to promote the kind of strategies and activities that make a difference locally as well as nationally.

We help nearly 100,000 families a year through our Healthy Families America program and put 92 cents of every dollar raised towards programs that help children and families thrive.

Our Programs

We accomplish our work through our signature prevention program Healthy Families America and spread awareness of child abuse prevention through our Pinwheels for Prevention campaign.

Pinwheels for Prevention began as a grassroots campaign among our chapters in Georgia, Florida and Ohio.

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We help nearly 100,000 families a year through our Healthy Families America program.

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