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Update on the COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Bill

This easy-to-understand infographic walks you through the progress of the latest COVID-19 economic stimulus bill. This was the second bill that Congress had taken up to address the dramatically adverse health and economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. We will be reaching out at various times to encourage you to contact your representatives to help bring future bills to fruition and ensure that $100 million in emergency MIECHV funding and an increase in funding for CBCAP are included.

You can see that the legislative process for this stimulus bill was somewhat atypical since it has bypassed general procedures. Generally, a bill is introduced and passed in one chamber and then sent to the second chamber for consideration, possible amendments, and then voted on for passage. Afterward, the bill is negotiated by both chambers, and then must be voted on and passed again by both chambers. Following that, it is sent to the President for signature to become law.

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