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Press Room

Our dedicated staff are eager to share their knowledge about a wide variety of topics related to the prevention of child abuse and neglect, including adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), home visiting, and family friendly public policies.

Interview, Quote & Source Inquiries

For reporters, members of the media, and others who are interested in interviewing one of our experts, requesting a quote or statement, or looking for specialized sources, please contact Irmes Dagba-Craven, who coordinates all communication with staff.

All requests for interviews and/or quotations must be submitted in writing at least 48 hours in advance of your deadline. Requests must include:

  • Your name and title/organizational affiliation;
  • Current contact information;
  • Clear, specific questions and/or quotation request;
  • Publication or outlet where responses and/or quotation will appear; and
  • Your deadline.

Press Materials

Images, graphics, and videos can be made available by special request to accompany articles and other press mentions (with proper credit and copyright adherence). Unless otherwise noted, all materials are © Prevent Child Abuse America.

Some of Our Experts

Dr. Melissa T. Merrick

President and CEO - Prevent Child Abuse America

Dr. Bart Klika

Chief Research Officer

Kathleen Strader

National Director, Healthy Families America

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