Incorporate Music Into Activities With Your Child

For many of us, music is a key part of life, helping us pass time, increasing our productivity, or simply making us smile. But did you know that music can also have a major impact on your child’s development? Research has shown that music can have many positive effects on a growing child.

Music and its Positive Effect on Child Development

Many different studies have been published on the way that music positively impacts brain function and child development. Published studies reveal that music:

  • Can have a positive impact on working memory. Working memory is another way to describe our short-term memory that is important for decision making and reasoning. The better a child’s working memory, the better their ability to problem solve in different situations.
  • Can improve academic achievement. Familiarity with music can help children in areas of education, particularly in math and linguistics. Music lessons for children can improve their listening and reasoning skills, helping them succeed in the classroom.
  • Can improve attentiveness in school. A study of 3-5 year old children in Head Start programs shows that music education early in life can improve a child’s attention span, helping them do better in school and succeed later in life.

But the benefits don’t end there. Other studies have shown that music education can enhance fine motor skills, increase confidence and self-esteem, and can even improve SAT scores.

With these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see the benefits of exposing your children to music as early as possible. Consider signing your children up for music elective classes if your schools offer them. You could also try one of these five easy tips to incorporate music into your daily life:

  • Try singing a song that your children know while your family is in the car. Whether it’s a trip to see family or a trip to the grocery store, you can make the trip shorter by singing songs with your children.
  • Kids banging on pots and pans in the kitchen? Join in! Grab a spoon and show your children how to make a basic beat, turning an annoyance into a chance to learn.
  • Mix up story time by singing along. Pick a character and sing their dialogue, or turn an entire book into a musical experience.
  • Sing songs during chores and bath time. Make your daily tasks more fun by incorporating music. For example, pretend your family is the seven dwarves and sing “It’s Off to Work We Go” while doing chores, or pick a silly song to sing during bath-time.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to see live music in your community. Whether it’s a local festival in the summer or a school recital in the winter, take advantage of low-cost opportunities to expose your children to new kinds of music.

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