Partners in Building Better Childhoods


Prevention starts with partnership. As part of Prevent Child Abuse America’s 50th anniversary in 2022, we are bringing together organizations and institutions who are committed to working across sectors to develop more just and equitable systems that benefit all children and families and break harmful intergenerational cycles of trauma and poverty.   

In our 50th year—and looking ahead to the next 50—PCA America is firmly focused on addressing prevention through a comprehensive public health approach that helps solve the root causes of abuse before it happens. With the help of our partners, —the approach to family support can be reframed to move away from reactive child welfare systems to a proactive, holistic approach that supports child and family well-being.  

Thank you to the organizations that have signed on to be Official Partners in Building Better Childhoods. To become a Partner, please contact Sue Anderson.  

ACE Resource Network 

Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health 

American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC) 

Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs 

Association of State and Tribal Health Organizations

Building Community Resilience/George Washington University

ChildUSA Advocacy

Children’s Trust Fund Alliance 

The Child Welfare League of America

Committee for Children 


First Five Years Fund

Great Kids®   

Health Federation of Philadelphia

Kappa Delta Sorority and Foundation

National Child Abuse Coalition

National Family Support Network 

National Foundation of Women Legislators

Social Current

Start Early

The Georgia State University Center for Research on Interpersonal Violence

The Montana Institute 

The National Initiative to End Corporal Punishment (NIECP) 

The New York Foundling

Verizon Wireless

World Childhood Foundation 

*The name “Building Better Childhoods”  was created in collaboration with Social Current.

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