Dr. Melissa Merrick Responds to Boy Scouts of America Bankruptcy Filing

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Each year, countless children are sexually victimized by those responsible for their care, be it in the home, in communities of worship, or in youth serving organizations. We must do better!

At Prevent Child Abuse America, we believe that child sexual abuse prevention is an adult and community responsibility, and we support policies and programs that reflect this commitment. The recent news of the Boy Scouts of America filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to the growing number of restitution payments to individuals sexually victimized during their time in scouting is a grave reminder of the work that still lies ahead. In partnership we must create the conditions and contexts that prevent child abuse in all settings, including in all youth serving organizations, so child sexual abuse, and all other forms of abuse, never occur in the first place. Together, we can prevent child abuse, America…because childhood lasts a lifetime.




Dr. Melissa Merrick
President & CEO

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