Prevent Child Abuse Vermont

Prevent Child Abuse Vermont promotes and supports relationships within families, schools and communities to eliminate child abuse.

Key Issue Areas

Lead in Abuse Head Trauma (AHT) prevention efforts with the program Dias Model.

Participate in Neglect prevention efforts with the program Strengthening Families Program.

Lead in Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) prevention efforts with the programs Care for Kids and Healthy Relationships Project.

Lead in Corporal Punishment (CP) prevention efforts.

Utilizing the Protective Factors Framework through ACEs, Advocacy, Evaluation, and Training.

The chapter works with the following evidence-based home visiting models: Early Head Start (Home Visiting), Family Resource Centers (FRCs), Nurse Family Partnership (NFP), and Parents as Teachers (PAT).

Advocacy efforts include

  • Manipulation of a minor for sexual purposes
  • Increased funding for PCAVT, keeping our "one time only" $
  • Support for programs working with opioid addicted parents

Fast Facts

17 total FTEs

The chapter partners with businesses/corporations, faith-based organizations, foundations, Kappa Delta, Kids Count, Law Enforcement, schools, United Way, and Voices for Children.

Key Contact

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