1972: Founded in Chicago by Donna J. Stone as the Family Achievement Center and a year later convened the first ever national conference on child abuse prevention.

1974: The organization’s name was changed to the National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

1976: The first state chapter is formed in Kansas, and later that year the first nationwide public service campaign is launched in partnership with the Ad Council.

1984: Partnered with Marvel Comics to release a Spider-Man comic book focused on sexual abuse, the first in a series of comics to help educate child about child abuse and neglect.

1986: Established the National Center on Child Abuse Prevention and published the first 50 State Survey of child abuse and neglect the following year.

1992: Healthy Families America is launched as a family support program.

1999: The organization’s name is changed to Prevent Child Abuse America, and in partnership with the National Family Support Roundtable the organization received federal funding to support the growth of a national network of parent self-help and mutual support programs which evolved into the Circle of Parents program

2005: Received the first of two two-year BECAUSE Kids Count! grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which were focused on the state of prevention across the country and how best to enhance the presence and impact of evidence-based programming.

2008: The Pinwheels for Prevention campaign is launched nationwide, introducing the pinwheel as the new symbol of child abuse prevention.

2011: In February 2011, the United States Department of Health and Human Services named HFA as a proven home visiting model after a thorough and transparent review of the home visiting research literature. That same year we served as one of the founding members the National Movement for America’s Children, which has since evolved into Connect the Dots.


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