Leah McCallister’s career started with child abuse and neglect investigations, then as a hospital social worker at Lakeland Regional Medical Center, in Lakeland, FL, when she noticed workers visiting families in the NICU. She learned these visitors were with a new local home visiting program called Healthy Families and was so excited to see this support with high-risk families that she became instrumental in getting the hospital to allow the FAW to come and meet with families at the hospital. Leah left the hospital to work as a SUP with that same Healthy Families program and fell in love with prevention work. She was promoted from a SUP to an APM, PM, and then eventually a vice president at a nonprofit in Sarasota. Leah also helped open new sites in other counties.

Leah has been a peer reviewer since 1999 and started as an implementation specialist in September 2014.

Leah lives in Jasper, GA, with her husband of 35 years and two elderly dachshunds. They have two children and three grandsons, who they love to babysit, and enjoy golf, backgammon, tennis, and hiking.