Juanita Arnold, State Systems Development Specialist for Healthy Families America (HFA), provides support to the state/multi-site systems within the HFA network. Juanita has 20 years of experience with HFA, including her start as a program manager of a multi-county site. She then provided technical assistance and quality assurance to sites within the Healthy Families Florida multi-site system before serving as Assistant Director for 14 years. As Assistant Director, her primary role was ensuring fidelity to the HFA model through development of policies and procedures, assisting in the development of the state’s data system, and overseeing technical assistance and quality assurance. During her time as Assistant Director, Juanita served an HFA Peer Reviewer, served on the HFA Accreditation Panel and co-chaired the HFA National Advisory Committee. Juanita joined the HFA National Office in 2014 as an Implementation Specialist where she provided support to network for almost five years before taking the role of State Systems Development Specialist. Having previously directed a program for family preservation after abuse has occurred, Juanita is a firm believer in prevention and, particularly, the HFA model because, as she says, “It works”!