After beginning his career as a Spanish instructor, intent on becoming a professor of Latin American Studies and Literature, David Simon pivoted and decided to dedicate himself to advocacy and public policy. He began working for the Aspira Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the educational outcomes of Latino youth, and later transitioned to Capitol Hill, where he worked for more than two decades as a Senior Policy Advisor and Communications Director for various members of Congress. David has substantive experience working on early childhood and health-related issues on Capitol Hill and a solid, in-depth understanding of the federal legislative, regulatory, and appropriations processes.

An avid tennis player and runner, David is excited to join Prevent Child Abuse America as Deputy Policy Director and apply the skills and knowledge he acquired on Capitol Hill to advance PCA America’s policy goals and outreach. He holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Spanish and Political Science and an MA from the American University in Latin American Studies and International Affairs.