Our Strategic Plan

In 2014, we began a process to develop a strategic plan in order to map out the goals, objectives, and activities that would guide our organization over the next three years. This process resulted in a plan that better focuses our efforts and strategies toward our ultimate goal of creating a nation in which all children have great childhoods and in which no child is ever abused or neglected.

It is a long-term strategic plan that was created with an eye toward Prevent Child Abuse America attaining the distinction as a “platinum organization,” and is comprised of a mix of short-term goals and longer-term generational ones. The goals, vision, core assumptions and core values were the result of the strategic planning process conducted with the Prevent Child Abuse America National Board and reflect commonly shared interests of the Prevent Child Abuse America Chapter and Healthy Families America program networks, national staff and Board, as well as critical key stakeholders.

Strategic Plan

The Goals of our Strategic Plan

The priorities in this Strategic Plan position Prevent Child Abuse America to achieve our vision that every child deserves to have a great childhood because our children are our future. In order to accomplish this vision, we have identified five main goals:

Develop a nationally recognized plan that moves people to action

  • Develop and disseminate consistent messaging that conveys a sense of urgency with clear calls to action
  • Develop and implement Prevent Child Abuse America, Healthy Families America, Pinwheels for Prevention and Connect the Dots complimentary branding and communications plans
  • Assess and improve the websites for Prevent Child Abuse America, Healthy Families America and Connect the Dots so that the public, networks and partners can access information easier
  • Implement a multi-faceted national engagement and fundraising initiative that is locally adaptable
  • Engage recognizable celebrities to promote our brand and drive people to action

Strengthen the collective impact of the national office, its network and partners

  • Defne and enhance our relationships with the chapter and Healthy Families America networks
  • Articulate the relationship between Prevent Child Abuse America and Healthy Families America
  • Develop a data system that promotes assessment of collective impact

Transform social norms regarding child abuse and neglect

  • Make it easier for people to support the well-being of children and families
  • Make it easier for parents to ask for and receive help

Develop a standardized assessment for child well-being that is aligned with national and international methodologies and is useful to both community and state levels

  • Identify a standardized assessment of communities on child well-being and an implementation plan for all 50 states
  • Identify national coalition members to review and refne the child well-being plan
  • Develop an implementation plan

Increase the annual operating budget by $500,00 in unrestricted funds and sustain that revenue to meet the goals and objectives of the strategic plan

  • Develop a comprehensive three-year fundraising plan that will be implemented in conjunction with the Board Fundraising Committee through the collective efforts of Board Directors and national offce staff
  • Attract corporate partners and national organizations interested in serving children and families to enhance the work of the organization. Within this, defne “corporate partner,” develop a marketing strategy to attract new corporate partners and secure at least one new partnership annually
  • Establish processes to collect fnancial impact data with on-going support to create and implement a research program of current marketing and fnancial data retrieved from sponsors and individual giving audiences

For more information on our strategic plan and the tactics we will use to accomplish it, we have developed a booklet and one-page information sheet for your use.

Download PDF 4.2MB