The Importance of Fathers

father's day 2018

This Sunday, we’re celebrating fathers of all kinds. From working fathers to stay-at-home dads, from single fathers to step-fathers, grandfathers or any other father figure who plays a special role in a child’s life, fatherhood can take on many forms.

No matter the father, their active involvement can have a lasting and positive impact on a child. Fortunately, research shows that fathers today are more involved in their children’s lives than men fifty years ago would have been. Research also shows what we know in our hearts to be true: fathers play an important – and different – role in enabling a child to grow up healthy, happy and successful. For example:

So as you’re thinking about ways to celebrate the fathers in your life this Sunday, remember the special father figure in your life and thank him for the lasting impact he has made. Tell the fathers you know that they’re doing a good job. Remind those you’re close to that you’re there in case they need someone to talk to or lean on in times of need.

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