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Spring break is right around the corner and Prevent Child Abuse America’s Vice-President, Dr. Janet Rosenzweig has published a new post at her Philly.com blog with tips and advice for parents of teenagers who are gearing up for their trip. Read on for an excerpt from Dr. Rosenzweig’s post with five helpful tricks for parents who are looking out for the health and safety of their adventure-bound teen!

Parents: Spring break advice to your teen

spring break

Whether your teen is anxiously awaiting their departure to a tropical paradise or snow covered peaks, you may be equally anxious about their health and safety on their trip.  Find the time for a bon voyage conversation that shares your love and concern, along with practical advice.

To help you make the best use of the limited time your child is likely to share with you, I’ve prepared things a sex-wise parent might have on their agenda:

I want you to have a wonderful time. Surround yourself with people who you admire and trust, and keep a careful distance from others.

I want you to be safe, so use these tips business travelers follow: Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated!  When you get to your hotel, don’t let strangers see your room number when you check in. No matter how great the reputation of your hotel or resort, move around the facility with a friend and keep your valuables with you at all time. Trust your instincts about people getting too close to you physically. NEVER leave a drink unattended.

I want you to stay healthy. Carefully pack requ…

Looking for the rest of Dr. Rosenzweig’s tips and tricks? Read the entire article at Philly.com.

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