How One Wrong Text Became an Example for us All

You might have read about this awesome story involving a couple of new parents in Georgia, an iPhone, and the kindness of a stranger named Dennis Williams. In case you missed it, here’s the basic rundown:

Mark and Lindsey Lashley welcomed their first child, a son, on Saturday in Bainbridge, and during all the excitement at the hospital they realized their family had included a wrong number on a text message announcement about the birth.

“My mom sent a group message and she attached my cousin’s cell phone number, but my cousin had changed her number, and that’s how the wrong number deal happened,” Mark Lashley told TODAY. “She was so excited about us having a baby, she thought she was talking to my cousin.”

But the wrong number actually belonged to a young man named Dennis Williams, who decided against ignoring the mistake and instead made plans to visit the family.

The story could have easily ended after that second paragraph, but instead Dennis decided to take things a step farther. He could have ended the conversation with a simple message of congratulations, but instead he made himself an example of the great things that neighbors, friends, and even strangers can do for children and families.

Dennis and his brother Derrius showed up at the hospital with gifts for the new family, including diapers, bottles and a pacifier. They took the time out of their day to make a simple but powerful gesture that helped connect a new family with new friends in the community who demonstrated the importance of building connections and how each of us has the ability to do something small that can go a long way towards helping someone else.

You can do this too. Whether you knock on a neighbor’s door and volunteer to babysit so the parents can have a night to themselves or bring a home-cooked meal to the family that just moved in down the street, simple actions like these help create the kind of communities that knit families and friends together, helping to reduce things like isolation and stress and form the building blocks for the great childhoods that all children deserve. You can help achieve this.

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