Recognizing Chartwells K12 for their Corporate Responsibility

Last week, we were proud to award Chartwells K12 with our 2016 Corporate Responsibility Award. For the past two years, Chartwells K12 has been an incredible partner in our efforts to equip adults with the tools and strategies they need to help prevent bullying, cyberbullying and social and emotional learning. Check out the full details announcing this award (and one more very cool future project) below!

Honoring Chartwells K12 for their Efforts to Prevent Bullying


Ann Pendleton of Chartwells K12 accepts the 2016 Corporate Responsibilty Award for PCA America Board Chairman TJ Fox.
Ann Pendleton of Chartwells K12 accepts the 2016 Corporate Responsibilty Award for PCA America Board Chairman TJ Fox.

Prevent Child Abuse America last week awarded Chartwells K12, a leading partner to K-12 school districts across the country, with the Corporate Responsibility Award. Chartwells K12 was selected for its innovative efforts to stop bullying where it commonly takes place – in the lunchroom – by training thousands of school teams with the information and tools they need to spot and stop bullying, as well as for its efforts to raise awareness around cyberbullying.

Prevent Child Abuse America and Chartwells teamed up in 2014 with a vision to use the lunchroom as a place of education and awareness-building. The programs put in place since then have impacted how schools are combating bullying.

Prevent Child Abuse America and Chartwells K12 furthered their partnership in 2016 by going beyond the lunchroom with the #JustStandUp campaign to combat cyberbullying. Chartwells K12 featured the #JustStandUp video on its school lunch app, promoting the message to thousands of students and families who have downloaded and use the app every day.

“Chartwells is the perfect example of our belief that ‘we all play a role in child abuse prevention’” said Dan Duffy, President and CEO of Prevent Child Abuse America. “They had a big vision and have now found a way to be a leader within their own unique space and to bring lifelong, positive impacts for students.”

“As the trusted partner of thousands of schools across the country, we have an important role to play in making the cafeteria a healthy and safe environment for all students. Part of this commitment means asking our school teams to join us in supporting students in new ways,” said Rhonna Cass, CEO, Chartwells K12. “We are proud of what our school teams have done to stand up to bullying in just the past two years, and we are excited to continue our support of Prevent Child Abuse America to and continue to fight all types of bullying.”

Chartwells K12 and Prevent Child Abuse America also announced plans to further their work to end bullying in school cafeterias by partnering with Natalie Hampton, the creator of the Sit With Us app. Prevent Child Abuse America and Chartwells K12 are working to support Natalie’s efforts by helping fund the development of the Android version of the app, and raising awareness about the app through traditional and digital signs in school lunchrooms. Hear a message from Natalie to students here.

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