Celebrate all moms on Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, join us in celebrating moms across the country. Here are a few simple steps to make all the moms in your life—and even some you’re not acquainted with yet—feel appreciated, loved, and supported:

  1. If you have a couple of hours to spare, prepare and deliver a ready-to-bake meal to a mom in your neighborhood, freeing up time for her to spend with her children.
  2. Volunteer—if you’re good at something, it’s likely that a family-serving organization near you can use your skills, helping moms throughout your community.
  3. If you don’t have time this week, do something later, such as organizing a block party in the summer. Events like these can help moms build social connections among neighbors—the more people that moms know, the more likely they are to reach out for help when they need it.
  4. Tell your elected officials at every level that you support funding for evidence-based home visiting programs like Healthy Families America (HFA). Children in HFA show an 85% improvement in school readiness and achievement, and their parents (including moms) are five times as likely to advance their own education.

For more tips on how to help moms and families thrive, visit our “Do More of What You Love To Create Great Childhoods” page…and don’t forget to call your mom on Sunday.

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