Child Sexual Abuse Prevention – Resources and Research

Resources for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

Welcome to the landing page for resources dedicated to the prevention of child sexual abuse. If you have any questions about the content on this page, please contact Bart Klika.


These series of four infographics can be used in standalone fashion or combined as one, whichever you believe will work best for your audience. These infographics offer simple suggestions of what can be done to prevent this kind of abuse at three different levels; communities, youth-serving organizations, and parents.

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse (Combined)

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse for your Community

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse for your School or YSO

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse for Parents

Information on Prevention Legislation

The report linked below is a “status update” on legislation, at both the state and federal level, that is meant to help prevent this kind of abuse. This report was prepared by Jetta Bernier, Executive Director of MassKids /Prevent Child Abuse Massachusetts and Director of the Enough Abuse Campaign, a comprehensive, multi-state child abuse prevention initiative.

State and Federal Legislative Efforts to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse: A Report

Published Resources from Prevent Child Abuse America

Prevent Child Abuse America has partnered with Channing-Bete to publish some booklets that can be of use for your school, community center, Doctor’s office, or anywhere that you think this information could be useful. The links below are to our most recently updated books. Proceeds from the sale of these books go directly to Prevent Child Abuse America.

Teaching Healthy Sexuality To Help Prevent Child Abuse: From Birth To Age 5

Teaching Healthy Sexuality To Help Prevent Child Abuse: Ages 6 To 12

Eli Keeps Asking—A Story About Asking For Help

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse In Our Communities

Position Statements and Fact Sheets

Below are the officially adopted resolutions, position statements, and fact sheets from Prevent Child Abuse America on this topic.

Prevent Child Abuse America—Official Position Statement

Resolution on the Sexual Solicitation of Youth on the Internet

Fact sheet: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Fact sheet: Sexual Abuse of Children