It’s Time Again for our Big Pinwheel Garden in Times Square!

For the past four years in a row we’ve held a really cool event in Times Square in New York. We call it our “Big Pinwheel Garden,” and this is our biggest event during Child Abuse Prevention Month. At past events, we’ve heard about the importance of great childhoods from celebrities like Josh Charles, sports legends like John Starks, and dedicated advocates for children like former Miss America Mallory Hagan. This year we’re excited to have the support of Good Morning America’s Rob Marciano, and hopefully you too!

The Big Pinwheel Garden in the Big Apple

NYC Big Pinwheel Garden
Josh Charles, Cristina Cuomo, and a sea of volunteers and pinwheels at a previous Big Pinwheel Garden

Next Tuesday, April 12 at 9:00 AM ET, we will join Foresters Financial, Cristina Cuomo of Manhattan Magazine, and Prevent Child Abuse New York as we hand out pinwheels to the Times Square crowd and talk to people about the role they can play in the healthy development of our nation’s children. Adding to the excitement, we will be joined by Rob Marciano and the Good Morning America crowd who will help spread our message nationally during their show.

Our new President & CEO, Dan Duffy, often says that “the American Dream starts with a happy, healthy childhood,” and we are excited to help spread that idea on Tuesday. Our Big Pinwheel Garden is but one of hundreds being held nationally throughout Child Abuse Prevention Month our state chapters, and each of these events help educate the community about the importance of child abuse prevention. They stand as a call-to-action that we all play a role when it comes to the future of our nation’s children, and this year we’re taking that call to action even further with our CrowdRise campign.

And this is where we need your help!

Our “Campaign for Great Childhoods” is a way for individuals like you to celebrate the people who helped them enjoy a great childhood by dedicating a pinwheel to them during April. Whether it was a parent, grandparent, coach, family friend, or someone else, we all have someone who helped teach us important life lessons when we were children, and this year we wanted to find a way to honor all of these different people. With our CrowdRise campaign, you can donate to dedicate a pinwheel to that important person in your life, and we will officially launch these dedications at our Big Pinwheel Garden event. In addition to having your dedication possibly be seen by millions of people, we will highlight each and every message on our virtual pinwheel map, letting your dedication live on long after Child Abuse Prevention Month is over.

So tune in to Good Morning America at 8 AM ET to be sure to catch all of our Big Pinwheel Garden event on Tuesday, and head over to the Campaign for Great Childhoods to help raise money for child abuse prevention and honor those who helped you have a great childhood. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children and families across the country.


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